Smoothies (Raspberry, Blueberry, Mango) by my Chef Dani


Thinking Buy of losing weight?  Here’s a smoothie recipe from my Chef, Dani!

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Reduce crappy calories, taste real Purchase flavour, and enjoy the finer things in life such as assembling your own meal.

6 oz raspberries

6 oz blueberries

1 mango

honey to taste

Though my Chef has included milk or soy milk, I personally blend my shakes with just straight up water.  Some can handle dairy, my system has a hard time digesting them.  In case you guys are interested in making your own rice milk, I have a video of it here

It’s important to also note that depending on the season and quality of the fruit and veg will have a small affect on the flavor of the smoothie, online pharmacy without script and you should also mix the liquid based on the consistency that you like.  Please be courteous to your body’s needs.  : )

What’s your favorite recipe for Smoothies or Juices?! Buy  Let me know and let’s get your recipe featured on!

<strong>Dani’s general smoothie tip:</strong>  “smoothies end up better if all the ingredients start off cold. Then you need less ice and you get a stronger flavored smoothie!”

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