Halu on 8th ave and Clement


Halu’s ramen is probably the best ramen in the city that I’ve had.  I’m a huge fan of Ramen since I was a little kid, sildenafil no prescription Pills and is very particular about the dish as gimmick, or a perfected form of art.  (watch the movie tanpopo for further meaning of the “art”)

They also have good skewers and such.  Also try their special rice dish called “Koumi Don”.  Chicken with zuchini, salad greens and brown rice.  It’s http://www.nextvbrasil.com.br/purchase-atrovent-inhaler/ a little small for usual TaZ-size portions but it’s to die for.


The first picture is the cold ramen.  The second one is the hot ramen.  Due to bad lighting and horrendous light capturing features on my cell phone, http://tv1.si/how-much-trental/ the pictures didn’t come out very nice.  Maybe i’ll update the pics next time i go… : )


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