Testimonial: Joshua


Innovator, creative, inspirational, a friend – when it comes to Taz, these are the words that come to mind.  Taz inspires one to go beyond the abilities you think you have to levels of fitness never thought possible.  I have been trying to break old habits created by my parents, from how I ate to working out9or lack thereof).  Taz has made me want and crave health, crave the desire to feel good, crave erexin-v shipping the desire to go to the gym, crave the desire to feel happy.  I now want to go to the gym on a regular basis.  It has become a great habit just like brushing your teeth.

I must warn you, Taz is not just a trainer but a friend who will nag you and push you.  Be ready for his texts messages to make sure you are doing well during the week and weekends between workouts.  The good part of Pills it is that they always seem to show up when you are thinking of having those big gooey nachos but then you get the text and go for the healthy salad instead.  He takes the time to get to know you as an individual and listens when you are feeling blue and ready to make you laugh when you need it.

Another warning, he is an innovator with the routing he has you do.  Be scared if you see him looking around the gym with a smile on his face.  His brain is on over-drive and he is going to make you do something you don’t think is possible.  Trust him, he will never let you tizanidine fall or fail – sometimes you question him – but trust him.  At first I was very weary of it, but now, I welcome it with open arms.

I have lost almost 35 pounds and 5 inches within just a few months of working with Taz.  I started in September of 2008 wearing a 3XL T-shirt and 46 inch waist (both were a little tight to start with) and now I am almost able to wear a regular XL shirt and 40 inch waist pants.  I can see myself riding a roller coaster at Six Flags soon and going back to my high school track and finishing the mile run.  This is all thanks to Taz.  I owe him my life ’cause he gave me a new one to have.  I never want that old one back.  I like the new one – the new me.  It is nice to enjoy life for a change and not be Purchase out of breathe.

Joshua Hardwick
Board Secretary/Community Affairs Chair paroxetine user rating
San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee, Inc.




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