Kettle Bell passion? Maybe an obsession…

By now you guys are familiar with my enthusiasm for kettlebells, generic next day ziagra price of viagra tablet right?!

I had an amazing experience learning from my mentor and coach Valery Fedorenko who pretty much holds all kinds of world record when it comes to these big ole’ cannon balls with a handle bar.
Don’t be too quick to judge these though, these colorful bells have been around a lot longer than almost every gym equipment we use on a day to day basis!

I learned how to lift weights through my high school gym when I was first introduced to them at the tender age of 15, and accumulated all the knowledge I’ve been exposed and learned up to this morning, I’ve learned that real kettle bell training and it’s philosophies are the closest thing that transitions movement and mind set to the elite athletes we look up to for maximum performance.

Gotta admit, the coaching at the WKC (World KettleBell Purchase Club) certification course gave me concepts and perspectives probably not shared by ANY other programs out there that I’m familiar with.

You can follow my Coach’s workout blog at his youtube channel:

Also, check the local crew I learn from. They have a killer girls team that are well known KB artists in the world: here are their youtube channel.

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