Common Mistakes: Lower Ab exercises

Lower ab exercises do a lot for our lack of core structure.
Though there are millions of different bad lower backs in the world, (to my studies as far as it’s a non-accidental lower back stress) in most case is driven mainly by weak and or inactive glutes and lower abs. Of course with other things like bad posture and tight hammies that may play a part in it.


Because of the inactivity of the lower abdomen, lower ab exercises that usually requires lifting the leg weight is executed incorrectly. Most people “think” they’re engaging their lower abs but in reality, they are engaging more of their Cheap hip flexors (which is the next door neighbor to the lower abs).

I had my good assistant on line crestor without perscription 2.0 demo some of the lower ab exercises and though I didn’t get to collect more lower ab exercises and it’s modifications, I hope I got my point across about things to look out for when exercising the lower abs at the gym. : )



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