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Meet TaZ, a Trainer and a Fitness Consultant in downtown San Francisco.

“Eating awesome food is my life.  San Francisco is by far the greatest place on earth to be a Foodie, and I keep it moving so Pills that calories can be consumed without gaining the extra poundage.  In order to do this, one must understand how.  That’s where I come in.”  : )


Whether if you’re trying to lose the body fat percentage, gain some muscle definition, rx pharmacy no prescription needed or if you’re re-habbing your creaky joints, we have one common goal.  Move effectively.  Don’t be the people at the gym that haven’t seen any changes in a few years.  Start asking questions to ThatGuyTaZ!!

“Learn it first, apply the method, be able to eat EVERYTHING!!” -TaZ


Contact TaZ, your favorite http://eliseodossantos.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/02/purchase-floxin-medication/  Trainer and Order  Fitness Consultant at:



or wtftaz@gmail.com


You can also try Crunch at Embarcadero in Downtown SFC.  415.495.1939