Sam’s Leg Day workout 03.28.12


You guys might be familiar with Sam by now, I’ve been trying to break his body building routine with some Order more athletic conditioning (type of) workouts.  This day we had a leg day. how to make a solar panel If you haven’t figured out the importance of building legs to benefit and boost your …


HinDiesel Workout 03.30.12

HindieselPose lipoma natural treatment HinDiesel’s FUNNY out takes at: 2:20 This day’s workout consisted of: Round 1:  (4 sets) 15 Burpees to sprints online down our plaza corridor Round 2:  (3 sets) 15x Pills 135lbs deadlift 15x 50 lbs dumbell bench buy lasix with paypal press 25x Cheap V-Ups Round 3:  (3 sets) 8x Buy …