Po Man fitness tip: How to make and use a beer keg!

I bought an empty beer keg from a restaurant and put 20 pounds of tree bark in it.  Tree bark was the only thing I can think of that would take up most of the space Pills inside the keg but didn’t weigh as much as sand or water.

Now the beer keg weighs minocycline vs doxycycline cost 55 pounds all together.  I’m thinking about making a heavier one for the guys.

Here is a video to show you some of the exercises I have my clients do with the Cheap party keg.  Let me know your thoughts.  : )

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Kudos to RayRay for being the demo man.  He started a few months ago a little de-conditioned, but now has lost a bunch of weight and put on some muscle.  The baseball enthusiast is getting all kinds of compliments on his new delts and such from our trainers. http://kinematicsrrr.com.mx/?p=7478 how much does viagra cost at walmart  Nice work, RayRay!


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